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Playback Issues


The video is skipping or lagging! What now?

Just like our minds, sometimes videos skip too. Here’s a list of solutions that should help fix your playback issue:

1. Close other tabs and/or applications running at the same time

  • Some content like movies, TV shows, and live events require a faster connection and greater processing power to ensure optimal streaming experience.
  • It may help to close other tabs, browsers, and applications while streaming your content.

    It may also help to hardwire your internet connection instead of using a wireless network connection.

2. Restart your browser

  • Sometimes it is helpful to restart your browser to try resolving this issue.
  • When restarting your browser, please ensure you fully close the application before reopening it.

3. Clear the browser cookies

  • Your browser may be referencing corrupted or outdated settings in the cookie file
  • Go to your browser settings or preference menu in order to clear your cookies. Typically you will find controls to clear cookies in the ‘history’ or ‘clear browsing data’ sections of the browser settings menu.

4. Clear your browser cache

  • Your browser may be referencing outdated images or files in its cache.
  • Go to your browser settings or preference menu in order to clear your browser cache. Typically you will find controls to clear cached images and files in the ‘history’ or ‘clear browsing data’ sections of the browser settings menu.

5. Update your browser version

  • Older browser versions may have settings or other compatibility issues that prevent you from streaming video or audio content.
  • Even if your browser version is supported in the browser support matrix, it’s always good practice to ensure your software is up to date.
  • Please update your browser to the latest version.

6. Try a different browser

  • A browser extension, plugin or add-on may be causing this error.
  • Try streaming your content in another browser to resolve this issue.

7. Restart your device

  • It may be helpful to restart your device in case any system settings are causing conflicts with streaming.

8. Disable ad blocking software for this website

  • Some ad blocking software may cause issues with video or audio streaming.
  • Please try disabling any ad blocking for this website in order to enable streaming.

9. Check and lower your browser security settings

  • Some browsers may have security settings that dis­able cookies and therefore may prevent you from streaming content from the player.
  • Please check your browser security settings and consider lowering them if they are set to “Medium” or “High” or if they appear to be disabling cookies.

Here are some useful downloadable troubleshooting guides.

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