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B Anderson

Beatrice Anderson is a community organizer, meditation facilitator, ritual leader, and artist who champions restorative and healing justice. They cofounded the Love Circle Sangha, a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) + White Comrade community in the Plum Village tradition actively engaged in anti-oppression through practicing the dharma. They also act as a core collective member with Harriet’s Apothecary, a healing village led by Black healers committed to co-creating accessible liberatory restorative spaces. Beatrice is co-founder and partner of InVision Contemplative Collective, an independent publishing house and whole community wellness incubator. Their mindfulness background is rooted in both Zen and the contemplative practices of earth based-Indigenous spirituality. Beatrice served as the Director for youth mindfulness program, Awake Youth at the Brooklyn Zen Center (2014-2016), has taught introductory and meditation courses, lead and facilitated retreats for adults and youth alike with various mindfulness and arts based organizations/institutions. Along with teaching and organizing, their artistic works as a musician and process artist have been featured internationally at the Whitney, Brooklyn Museum and Rotterdam. Their newest exploration, Ratchet Dharma – #Unapologetically Mindful, explores with fellow dhamra teachers, yogis and contemplatives the possibility of co-creating accessible and sustainable self and community care with Millennials at colleges and universities across the country, through a social art process piece.